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a colourful, creative world of extraordinary stationery, gadGets, clothing and accessories

Tinc is an inspiring place where kids of all ages, whether 4 or 44, can come to feed their imagination and re-discover the joy of making, learning and doing. Kit yourself out with our extraordinary stationery. Stick to your favourite colour, or mix it up a bit and clash your greens with your blues. It's up to you.

Tinc - Think. Inspire. Create

In 2011 our first shop opened in Bath and we now have shops across the country! Come and visit us in one of our shops and say hello.

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Tinc have five core colours from blue, pink, green, black to white along with a new multi-colour range. Purple and orange were released as special limited edition colours but only the lucky few were able to get their lovely hands on these!

Each colour is represented by a Tinc tribe and you'll see these characters feature throughout our product range. Stick to your favourite colour, or mix it up a bit and clash your greens with your blues. It's up to you!

Tinc is proud to be a British company. We operate on the principle of delivering quality products that uphold our commitment to encourage creativity as well as products that combine fun and functionality.

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Tinc are heading to a few festivals and events onboard our colourful Tinc On Tour Bus! Look out for us as we sprinkle a bit of colour across the land. You can keep track of our progress by following our @Tinc_On_Tour Instagram page. We even have our own Tinc On Tour collection so that you can wear the merchandise and join our tour team!

Visit Tincville, a weird and wonderful world of the Tonkins, Kronks, Huggas, Mallos and Floots - each with its own rather unique personality. This fantastical, vibrant and colourful world is a safe place where children can express themselves, forge friendships and get some real kudos. You just have to decide which tribe you want to join!

Come in and join the fun here!

Join the team

As we are a rapidly expanding business we are always looking to recruit talented people who are willing to work hard and be part of our future success. If you are interested in working at one of our shops please view our Work For Us page for more information.

International Opportunities

We welcome international franchise enquires from existing retail operators - please email your company details and business plan to