BUDS Backpack - Green

BUDS Backpack - Green


(10500 pebs)



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Finally you can make your backpack personal just to you! With this new BUDS backpack you have up to 18 eyelets to attach your BUDS to, meaning you can have a huge variety of designs to make your backpack really stand out. And with over 100 collectable Buds on offer there's literally millions of truly unique combinations. Can you collect them all?

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STEP 1: Choose your colour of Buds Backpack and 'Add to Bag'... 

STEP 2: Choose any 5 accessories and 'Add to Bag'... Click here to view all BUDS ACCESSORIES

And then there is no step 3! Any order for a Buds Backpack with 5 Buds accessories will automatically be discounted at checkout.

PLUS we'll even send you a handy Collectors Sheet with your order so you can tick off your Buds buys and keep track!

Want to know more about the Buds? Check out our Tincspiration page for more information.

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