Glow Watch - Green

Glow Watch - Green

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Watch out: It's Tinc's latest innovation... the Glow Watch!

This simple and durable wristwatch will light up your day or night with its crisp LED display, superb battery life and slick colourful styling. 

- LED date & time displays

- Single button operation

- FIT2U one-time-adjustable strap

- Phenomenal battery life

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Tinc's Glow Watch has just one single button, located just beneath the face... Press once to see the time and press again to see the date. It's also easy to set the time and date initially, using that same button.

Perhaps best of all, there'll be no need to change the batteries on our Glow Watches... Because power is only consumed when the face is lit, and the screen's made using super-efficient LEDs, the battery life is immense! We're yet to have one run out during testing so can't yet tell you just how long the batteries last. But we're confident you'll be as delighted with the results as we are.

The Tinc Glow Watch is - at its heart - a soft-touch silicone wristband, designed so the watch face is invisible when it's not lit. On the reverse is a magnetic clasp that clips and unclips without fuss and means that nothing shows up against the clean band of colour on the back either... All of which means that even when you're not telling the time (or date!) you're sporting a funky, fashionable, and classically collectible Tinc silicone wristband. And with it's one-time adjustability you can trim the strap to the right length for the wearer so it fits just as snugly as a wristband too!

So watch yourself this season... it's about time for a new Tinc treat (and a bad pun or two)!

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