Lollipop Eraser Tub - Blue

Lollipop Eraser Tub - Blue



Get a taste of Tinc with this lolly shaped eraser tub. A perfect size for holding your eraser collection. 

Options Available:

A. This tub on its own (just 'Add to Bag' using the button on this page)

B. This tub pre-packed with a selection of 5, 10, 15 or 20 erasers

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C. Buy any eraser tub and choose your own erasers (6 and 14 eraser options available

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Any order that contains one tub plus 6 or 13 erasers will automatically receive a discount at checkout.

Tub + 6 erasers = £7.50 (Save £3.95)

Tub + 14 erasers = £15 (Save £6.45)

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