Slanted Water Bottle With Straw - Red

Slanted Water Bottle With Straw - Red

Slanted Water Bottle With Straw - Red

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(1890 pebs)


Stay hydrated this season and do it with a rather jaunty lean! Tinc's newest design of BPA-free water bottle features a unique slanting stance and ergonomic shape that makes it recognisable in amongst a crowd of others as well as easy to use, hold and handle.

On the lid there's a little slider that once clicked to the open position springs up to reveal a flexible straw for easy drinking. Connected beneath that is a fully removable (easy to wash!) rigid straw that reaches the bottom of the bottle so you can get to every last drop. Finished sipping? Simply slide the straw cover back over until it clicks securely closed and hey presto! You're completely sealed in and safe from spillages. 

With 4 colours to choose from there's an iconic new bottle available whatever your preference and as each one holds half a litre they're fully compatible with all Tinc Lunch Bags and Tinc Backpacks, both of which have been designed especially to accommodate our 500ml bottles.

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