2017 Advent Calendar

2017 Advent Calendar

2017 Advent Calendar


It's back and better than ever!

Inspired by the successful design of our 2016 calendar, this year's iteration has entirely new gifts and even more amazing surprises to offer.

Slide away the full colour sleeve to reveal 24 individually nested boxes, each containing a unique, Tinc-branded and not-otherwise-available-to-buy gift. Anyone lucky enough to get hold of a 2015 or 2016 calendar is assured that there's no repetition and this year we've made the gifts bigger, funkier, more varied and of higher value. Tinctastic! 

With a limited number available, make sure you don't miss out on this years calendar and get your hands on one well before the countdown begins... We received the first enquiry about this year's calendar in January (no kidding!) so we reckon they're going to be really hot property as winter draws in.

2017 Calendar Accolades

This year's calendar has been our best yet and has been racking up the reviews and plaudits. The following publications have voted for us as top calendars to buy this Christmas season.

The Independent - Best Buy
Absolutely Magazines - Best Advent Calendars this year
SundayWoman Magazine - Top Product 2017 Award

2017 Advent Calendar
2017 Advent Calendar
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2017 Advent Calendar

Take a tour of this year's calendar (no spoilers)

Take a tour of Tinc's 2017 Advent Calendar with our social legend, Ellen. See the interior and the styling without seeing the contents (we don't want to spoil any surprises!) or read on for a description.

Just look at it... It's awesome!

Summary of contents (don't worry... no spoilers!)

We don't want to spoil the surprises by publishing exactly what's in each box, but what we can promise is:

  • Each calendar contains 24 gifts, all of which are different to one another
  • No items in this year's calendar were in previous years', nor can any be bought individually through Tinc: they are unique to the calendar
  • The gifts include stationery items as well as travel accessories, toys, puzzles and more
  • The gifts are all official Tinc-branded and manufactured to the same high standards as our entire range

We know that many of you will want to the full lowdown first though and we are very happy to email you a page full of spoilers (so long as you promise not to give the game away!)

If you would like a full list of the contents of Tinc's 2017 Advent Calendar please email us at info@tinc.uk.com. We'll send you a PDF in reply with day by day details.

Feedback on our 2016 Advent Calendar

"VERY happy son today. Practically leapt out of bed - he absolutes loves the advent calendar. Thanks so much."
Alex, London

"@tinc_uk: Imogen loves her #24TreatsofTincmas advent calendar #Tinc #Stationery 🎄 ❤️ ️ 🎄"
​Leanne (and Imogen!), Barwick

"My sister bought two of your advent calendars after seeing the [Giftwink.com] unboxing video - she couldn’t believe how amazing the contents were. Great quality and beautiful contemporary design. Total winner."
​Anon (permission withheld)

"Daughter was thrilled this morning. She normally has a Lego one but was getting a bit old (13 years) This is the first year we've gone with Tinc. Brilliant!"
Samantha, Frimley

"The Tinc stuff was all really good - proper, full quality key rings, luggage tags, pencils, etc. A couple of really good Christmas badges (metal/enamel), washi tape, a lanyard. I can't remember it all but there wasn't a bad thing amongst it all. And the packaging was good too - you turned around each numbered box to make up a Christmas picture, and each box had a joke (think good cracker joke level) on it. 

I'd definitely consider a Tinc one again"

PandasRock, posted to Mumsnet (view original article here: http://bit.ly/2f3gPbU)

2017 Advent Calendar
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2017 Advent Calendar

Santa turns out in Summer!

We were so excited about the arrival of the calendars that we put the word out and look who showed up... Even Father Christmas took time out of his well-earned holiday season to come and check out our awesome new arrival!

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