2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE

2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE

2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE


It's here!!!

Inspired by the success of our award-winning design for 2017, this year's Advent Calendar has entirely new & exclusive gifts and even more surprises to offer across stationery, accessories and puzzles & games, with a balance of seasonal and year-round goodies included.

Slide away the full colour sleeve to reveal 24 individually nested boxes, each containing a unique, Tinc-branded and not-otherwise-available-to-buy gift. Anyone lucky enough to get hold of any prior Tinc calendar is guaranteed that there's no repetition and this year we've made the gifts even bigger, far funkier, massively more varied and of even higher value. (How else could we make it any better?!)

2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE

Ready to make any child's Christmas countdown exciting, this year's calendar is bigger, better and more varied than any previous version.

With a limited number available, make sure you don't miss out on this years calendar and get your hands on one well before the countdown begins... We received the first enquiry about this year's calendar in January (no kidding!) so we reckon they're going to be really hot property as winter draws in

Take a quick picture tour of this year's calendar (no spoilers)...

2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE
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2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE

It's back and better than ever!

Still on the hunt for more info? Watch our YouTube video show-round of Tinc's 2018 Advent Calendar here.

Multibuy Offer Back by Popular Demand!

As this is Tinc's hottest and most in-demand product of the year we are not able to offer our usual array of discounts, meaning the calendar is not eligible for '20% off when you sign up for Tinc emails', is not eligible for 'free delivery on your next order' nor will it be reduced in price in any way until 30th November (and only then in the extremely unlikely event that any still remain). This means you can buy yours today, safe in the knowledge that you won't get stung later by seeing it at a lower price through us.

We are however, reintroducing an extremely popular Advent offer from two years ago: Buy two Tinc Advent Calendars for £50. This saves you £6 (just over 10%) and avoids any 

To take advantage of this offer simply add two calendars to any order (with or without other lovely Tinc goodies) and the discount will automatically apply at checkout.

2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE

More than one Tinc fan in the household? Then you'll be pleased to hear the multibuy offer IS BACK ON THIS YEAR!

Summary of contents (no spoilers)

We don't want to spoil the surprises by publishing exactly what's in each box where the happy recipients can find them, but what we can promise is:

  • Each calendar contains 24 gifts, all of which are different to one another
  • No items in this year's calendar were in previous years', nor can any be bought individually through Tinc: they are unique to the calendar
  • The gifts include stationery items as well as travel accessories, toys, puzzles and more
  • The gifts are all official Tinc-branded and manufactured to the same high standards as our entire range

We know from experience that many of you will still want to the full lowdown first though, so read on for details of how to access a page full of spoilers (so long as you promise not to give the game away!)

2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE

Each of the 24 boxes has a gift, a joke and a small part of a 24 piece Christmas puzzle. Tinctastic!

Feeling Lucky?

This year we're giving 5 lucky Advent customers a chance to win £500 worth of Tinc goodies... Just look out for a 'Lucky Star' in Day One of your calendar and let us know if you're one of the 5 most fortunate Tinc fans around!

2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE

Eyes peeled for one of these 'lucky star' keyrings... Just 5 calendars contain these on Day One and each is exchangable for LOADS of Tinc goodies if you find it!

Full Contents (note: contains LOADS of spoilers!)

If you would like to see a full list of the contents of Tinc's 2018 Advent Calendar before you buy, we do have another web page showing ALL the goodies contained within. But if you're likely to be the lucky person receiving a calendar this year then please don't look: you'll spoil your own surprises!

Otherwise if you you simply have to know what's inside, you can click here for a full list of Tinc's 2018 Advent Calendar contents.

2017 Calendar Accolades

Last year's calendar was our best yet and racked up the reviews and plaudits. The following publications voted for us as top calendars to buy for the 2017 Christmas season.

The Independent - Best Buy
Absolutely Magazines - Best Advent Calendars this year
SundayWoman Magazine - Top Product 2017 Award

Feedback on our Previous Advent Calendars

"We received a gift of your advent calendar this Christmas and love it - a very different kind of advent calendar but lovely and useful."
Aileen, emailed into Tinc

"I must say that this is the first time we have ordered a tinc advent calendar and they have been a big hit in our house!"
Andrea, Sunbury on Thames

"You have done it again! My children absolutely love their advent calendars. I was worried as thought it would be the same as the last year but I take my hat of to you. They are wonderful ! Massive thank you, happy children, happy parents xx"
Rita, Essex

"VERY happy son today. Practically leapt out of bed - he absolutes loves the advent calendar. Thanks so much."
Alex, London

"@tinc_uk: Imogen loves her #24TreatsofTincmas advent calendar #Tinc #Stationery 🎄 ❤️ ️ 🎄"
​Leanne (and Imogen!), Barwick

"Daughter was thrilled this morning. She normally has a Lego one but was getting a bit old (13 years) This is the first year we've gone with Tinc. Brilliant!"
Samantha, Frimley

"The Tinc stuff was all really good - proper, full quality key rings, luggage tags, pencils, etc. A couple of really good Christmas badges (metal/enamel), washi tape, a lanyard. I can't remember it all but there wasn't a bad thing amongst it all. And the packaging was good too - you turned around each numbered box to make up a Christmas picture, and each box had a joke (think good cracker joke level) on it. 

I'd definitely consider a Tinc one again"

PandasRock, posted to Mumsnet (view original article here: http://bit.ly/2f3gPbU)

And finally...

Here's a picture of Pepper, our office dog when she helped out at our Advent photshoot. We don't expect this to help you decide whether the calendar's right for you or not, but we did think her exceedingly cute all dressed up in her bow and lucky star that it seemed such a shame not to share her...

2018 Advent Calendar NOW AVAILABLE

Meet Pepper the Christmas Dog. If you think the kids had fun at the photoshoot you should have seen her!

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