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It's finally here! The latest Advent Calendar from Tinc. 24 completely new gifts, each guaranteed to cheer your kids (or yourself) up every day in December!

Christmas is coming, the Tonkin's getting fat... Well, okay - there's a still a way to go before the big season, but with our Advent Calendar already available there's no escaping the fact that countdown starts soon. To help all you Early Birds we've pulled together our Top Five Tips for this season's hottest Tinc gift items.

Three short videos introducing the Tinc Buds concept, how they work and the options and offers available.

Here at Tinc we champion the unusual and love to get creative. We're delighted therefore to highlight this year's Young Songwriter of the Year Award with a chance to hear your work professionally recorded and performed!

See where our brightly coloured Tinc on Tour van will be heading this year and which events will be part of our great 2017 line-up.