Study Smart With Tinc

Study Smart With Tinc

Study Smart With Tinc


Be it exam season or a heavy homework weekend, here at Tinc Towers, we know that a super study session can tip those marks from an 8 to a 9.

So, sharpen your pencils, open your textbooks, and we'll show you how to study smart and ace the test!



Highlighters aren't just a pretty addition to your revision notes. These handy, bright pens help you understand a big chunk of text that may seem like another language when you first read it.

Colour-coding and marking down important sentences are great for making everything easier to read. Plus, the colours are perfect for triggering your memory during the big test!


Reading your textbook from front to cover is surprisingly not the best way to get the info you need before you sit your exam. Similar to highlighting, you want to remember only the important things that will appear on your test. Your easiest solution? Note-making. 

  • Whether it's in bullet points

2. Organising everything into numbers

Or making the subjects you really need to remember in vibrant bold, note-making is a great test of your memory and how many small bits of information you can remember!


The number 1 rule when revising is keeping everything organised. Stationery, notes, and even your work desk: a tidy work desk is a tidy mind! Not only is it great for finding things at the drop of a hat, storing everything you need for school or an after-class library session with your mates is a handy and simple trick that means no more loose broken pens at the bottom of your bag!


You can revise as hard as you can, but taking healthy breaks in between sessions can boost productivity and take the stress off any looming deadlines. Be it switching your time up with something completely distracting or just looking away from your screen for a bit, taking breaks and breaking up your study time is essential for not cramming or overloaded with too much information!

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