Tinc Top Treats!

Tinc Top Treats!

Tinc Top Treats!


Tinc's top treats!

We have pulled together this page to help you take a quick look at our most popular gifts and presents if you are struggling for ideas or need to pick up a present in a hurry.

We have Great Gift Sets, Pencil Cases, Backpacks, Water Bottles, Notebooks, Pens & Pencils, Gadgets, Erasers, Accessories & School Equipment to give you a huge selection of great gifts to both children and adults. 

Gift Sets

Tinc's Boxed Gift Sets make - by very definition - great gift options and include 4 or more of our most popular stationery items, fully colour-coordinated and packaged in a lidded box with window. This makes for a great unwrapping experience as the recipient can easily see the contents (and makes for an even greater wrapping experience as they're all rectangular and easy to wrap as a result!)

Pencil Cases

A decent pencil case is, in any stationery collection, an absolute staple (if you'll pardon the pun!) and whatever the requirement there's a good chance Tinc has you covered. Our transparent hardtops are perfect for exam season where 'see-through' really matters or our Buds hardtops can be personalised with words and characters so they stand out in a crowd. Alternatively our hardtop pencil case range includes both single and double deckers that are great for every day use however much you need to carry.


As one of those items that everyone in studies has to have, backpacks have become a key feature in just about everyone's school supply list. Here at Tinc we offer a range of schoolbags of around 10-12 litre capacity, which can accommodate items up to the size of A4 books and folders. Our strong colourways and character designs are always popular, and with mesh side pockets on most of our bags it's easy to incorporate a matching water bottle to really stand out.

Water Bottles

Older members of the Tinc Team often wonder how we survived a childhood before a sturdy water bottle was mandatory for all school children as we certainly never hydrated well enough. Thankfully though the world has learned a lot since then and now we all realise the importance of onboarding plenty of fluids in a day - whatever our age - Tinc have developed a 500ml, 'flip and clip' lockable bottle that's entirely leak-free and so safe to keep in a school bag all day if needs be. Tinctastic!


If you love to draw,
and sketch and more,
Our Doodles fit the bill.
Or if a budding writer,
To keep it tighter,
Use lined books,
wasting nil!

Pens & Pencils

The pen it's said,
Is mightier,
Than swords if writing letters.
But if you're led,
To be flightier,
Then pencils rub out better!


With superb sound
When out around The town,
the beach, the garden,
Tinc's trendy 'phones
Avoid the moans
And begging people's pardon.
As well as this,
We've speaker bliss
And clocks and watches galore;
Lights that slam-dunk
Your need for funk,
And so much, so much more!


If prone to err,
Or teacher won't concur,
With something you've submitted.
Rub it out,
And shuffle about,
To Erasing,
Tinc's committed!



In this site section,
We make a mention,
Of all the awesome treats,
That are hard to home,
In other zones,
Where they'd make it less than neat!

(More usefully, here you'll find our range of sunglasses, wallets, bracelets & wristbands, stickers and other funky, but one-off, items!

School Equipment

For making shapes,
And measuring tapes,
And snipping your clipping collection,
For sharpening stuff,
We've more than enough,
In our School Equipment section!