We Are Tinc!

We Are Tinc!

We Are Tinc!


Welcome to Tinc

Tinc is a UK, family-founded company that designs, makes and distributes extraordinary stationery, gadgets and gifts for kids of all ages.

Our stylish designs are available through Tinc’s own stores and website and are listed on Amazon across Europe. Since 2013 Tinc has also offered the full range to a wider wholesale market, with competitive pricing and great supporting collateral helping the brand to reach entirely new audiences. We work with partners of all sizes, from quirky one-off gift shops up to multi-national retail brands, and believe that regardless of size every partner should receive exactly the same great range, great pricing and great service.

Here on this page we've pulled together much of the key info about who we are and what we stand for but if there's anything specific you need to know just give us a call on 01225 791888 for a chat... we're very friendly!

The Times They Are A-Changin'!

2019 is set to be an exciting year for Tinc, building on the last 8 years' success and fundamentally repostioning the business to reach new audiences, new countries and new channels with our collection of fun and funky gifts and gadgets. But of course to truly understand the future requires us to understand the past... so here's Tinc's story, past and future...

Chapter 1: The Foundation

In 2011 Jos & Heli Baker, a husband and wife team, found they were struggling to find cool stationery for their 4 children. With no UK retailers offering anything even resembling 'lifestyle stationery' at the time, the idea of Tinc was born. The name derives from the three core values of Think, Inspire & Create; something that Tinc tries to achieve with every product and promotion we offer.

We Are Tinc!

Heli & Jos Baker, Tinc Founders, champions, evangelists and all round good eggs (so say all of us!)

Later that year the very first store opened in the city of Bath, England - a UNESCO World Heritage site and major visitor attraction in the UK. That passing trade soon tipped the team off to a wider demand for stylish and colourful kids goodies and so the range began to grow. This was marked in 2013 by Tinc receiving the Startup Awards 'Product Business of the Year'. Clearly heading along the right track we've never stopped developing cool products since.

A second store followed, then a third and so on until 2015 when Tinc had 19 stores, primarily in the South of England. The website launched in 2012 (and relaunched with a new responsive design in 2013) and Tinc started trading on Amazon shortly afterwards.

We Are Tinc!

Tinc's original store in Bath opened in 2011 and remained in the city until 2016. To this day Tinc remain headquartered on the outskirts of the city.

We Are Tinc!

Tinc received the Product Business of the Year Award in 2013. Jos is displaying it here in our very first warehouse space... which was cosy (to say the least!)

Chapter 2: All of a sudden...

2015 was then a big year for us, with - most significantly - the acquisition of several stores from a competitor of ours who sadly had to cease trading. When Blott Stationery was forced to close down we snapped up half a dozen of their stores as well as several new products and characters and at the height of our High Street powers we had 23 Tinc branded stores around the country.

We Are Tinc!

In 2015 Tinc acquired 7 'Blott Stationery' stores out of administration, incuding this one in Oxford...

We Are Tinc!

... each of which was rebranded to a fully Tinc experience, giving us 23 stores at the height of our High Street powers

It won't come as a surprise to most to learn that the UK retail space is a tough one at the moment though.

Faced with high rent and rates, increased competition from online retailers and ever increasing expectations from customers as to what shape an instore experience should take, it's difficult for small retailers to make it, especially when your products are as low priced as they are in a stationery shop. In an effort to ensure that we could continue to offer our gorgeous goodies to the market we therefore started to think about shrinking our our own store estate and instead focus more on buddying up with like-minded retailers who were already doing a great job.​ And so Tinc Wholesale was born and wow... Was that ever a game changer for us!

Chapter 3: The Inexorable Rise of Tinc Wholesale

Tinc's first high profile reseller was John Lewis, who took a small range of our goodies for a limited number of stores way back in 2013. Since then we have worked tirelessly to develop the Tinc range at John Lewis in partnership with the team there and we are proud that 6 years on we are now in EVERY one of their stores with our biggest, best and boldest range ever.

We Are Tinc!

John Lewis stores provide a perfect home for Tinc goodies. And we just love that they work with us to experiment; this interactive unit was being trialled in a few of their stores in 2018

We Are Tinc!

... John Lewis also put up with some of our quirkier traits. Like when we despatch Hugo the Hugga to make a nuisance of himself for the day!

With the success of Tinc in John Lewis, we started to see a rapidly increasing interest from other resellers, both at home and overseas. In amongst these we even have a few full-blown franchises, giving Tinc physical storefronts in Qatar, Kuwait and Nairobi, with Delhi amongst others to open shortly.

More typically though, we offer the full range of stylish goodies to resellers along with the full weight of Tinc marketing behind. Whilst this often means you can only find us as a section in a store by another name, this still gets not just the products but also our tribes, ethos, tone and style into loads more places than we could ever reach alone. Hats off to our franchise partners and third party resellers... we love you all!

We Are Tinc!

Tinc Kuwait; small, but mighty! Our newest addition to our global stationery takeover.

By the start of 2019 Tinc had grown to work with more than 50 resellers, between them accounting for nearly 500 individual stores across the UK, EU and beyond. As a result you can now find Tinc in locations as diverse as Bookazine (bookstores) across Hong Kong, in one of the on-board shops on The Independence of the Seas (an international Cruise Ship), in Waterstones bookstores across the UK and in Robinsons department stores in Thailand. Look out for us in international airports as well - our products are featured in many WHSmiths globally. Anywhere you can find style-led kids we feel you should be able to find Tinc too!

We Are Tinc!

Our most mobile shop to date found aboard the Independence of the Seas, a cruise ship with stores operated by Harding Retail Ltd

Chapter 4 - The Future's Bright (but then so is everything at Tinc!)

Having now established itself as one of the UKs most desirable lifestyle stationery and accessory brands we have ambitious plans moving forwards. From new products and types of product to new events, pop up locations and social network initiatives there's loads to look forward to at Tinc.

But we're never happy with what we have... 'do more and do it quicker' has always been something of a mantra for the Tinc Tribe so if you have a new opportunity to explore, new products you would like to see, a new shop opening where you think Tinc would fit well or just something inetresting to discuss drop us a line. You can find all of our contact details on our Contact Tinc page.

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